[Dixielandjazz] Non-traditional Songs for OKOM

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Back in the late 50's or early 60's, J.P. Morgan (she of the big gap twixt
the upper front teeth) put out an LP with some great jazz tunes in it. One
that sticks out in memory was 'Birmingham Papa, your Memphis Mama's Coming
Home.' Many other tunes on it were in the mode of Bessie Smith/Ma Rainey.
Would make a great play list for a good female 'belter.'
LP -- used to have it -- don't now. Wish I did..
Don Ingle
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One song on the Bob Wills Tribute by Asleep at the Wheel would, I think, be
perfect for OKOM bands - "Blues for Dixie."  Lyle Lovett sings it on the
album, and the lyrics and melody are on-target.    Maria Muldaur also has a
CD, Louisiana Love Call, that has several tracks that would be great,
including "Leg."  Or the song from the soundtrack of the Disney Dick Tracy
movie?  (I forget who sang it--)  It would be a great torch song for a
female singer!

Tim Eldred
Roseville, CA
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