[Dixielandjazz] Jelly Roll Morton Song Question

Mike Durham mikedurham_jazz at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 10 20:57:51 PST 2004

Sheik, anyone else interested: Blue Lu's version is available on the 
Classics series CD 704....

Mike D.

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>Subject: Re: [Dixielandjazz] Jelly Roll Morton Song Question
>Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 14:58:59 -0500
>At 10:49 AM 2/10/2004 -0800, Len Nielsen wrote:
> >The latest CD from "Les Chiens Noirs" has this tune. Brady McKay and Tom
> >Hook on vocals. Their title for the song is -Don't you feel my leg- by
> >Barker, Barker, Williams.
> >
> >I didn't realize that "Don't you leave me here" was apparently the same
> >tune until I saw the lyrics. Of course, they have altered the lyrics a
> >little to fit a duet performance.
> >
> >Len Nielsen
>It's great to get the true poop on this tune. Now all I need to do is get a
>good recording and transcribe it (unless there's sheet music available),
>add it to my sheet of "Don't you leave me here"...
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