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Tue Feb 10 22:34:52 PST 2004


Tom Hook has performed at the Victoria Jazz Party 14 consecutive years
starting in 1990 with Uncle Yoke's Black Dog Jazz Band. That group was 
an instant fan favorite and came back with some personnel changes for 
several years until they disbanded.

The festival committee then asked Tom Hook to put together a "Party 
Band" to bring to subsequent festivals. They didn't want to take no for 
an answer.

The first such group was called simply "The Black Dogs".

Another year they called themselves "The Terrier Brothers". This group 
had 2 saxophones and played tunes like Blueberry Hill, Barnyard Boogie, 
Saturday Night Fish Fry and Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens. They had 
the Saturday night late partiers stomping and howling to what sounded 
remarkably like Rock and Roll, until after 2AM (I guess that makes it 
Sunday :)).

You are correct. The latest version "Les Chiens Noirs" is not a 
coincidence. They are a continuation of a highly entertaining and 
musically excellent group of "Bad Dawgs"

Len Nielsen

Victoria Canada

Another rendition of this tune was done by Steve Yokum on the 1996 CD "The
Draga Vax Connection."  Vocals are good and clear, delivered in a
Yokum-raunchy style.

As an aside, I also suppose that it's no coincidence that Tom Hook's Les
Chiens Noirs translates to "The Black Dogs!"

Janie Lynch

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