[Dixielandjazz] 13th International "Bohem" Ragtime & Jazz Festival, Hungary

Ittzés Tamás bohem at mail.datanet.hu
Thu Feb 5 20:38:51 PST 2004

Dear list mates,

Sorry for a little ad but several DJML members will be here and several
others might be interested:

Our 13th International "Bohem" Ragtime & Jazz Festival will take place at
the last weekend of March in Kecskemet, Hungary plus foreign musicians will
tour around the country (we'll have 16 venues in 13 cities between March 24
and April 2 so it looks like quiet an event). We'll feature The Boondockers
(CA, USA), three ragtime pianists (Mimi Blais from Canada and Robbie Rhodes
and John Petley from the US). Information about the performers, ticket info
and schedule can be found at our web site. Please check it at

Also: since we are a non-profit organization and have not much money for
advertising what we are doing here, please spread the word and send this
email for those who you think might be interested. Thanks a million,

Tamas Ittzes
leader of the Bohem Ragtime Jazzband
organizer of the Festival
Tamas ITTZES - violin teacher, ragtime pianist, manager
Kodaly School, Bohem Ragtime Jazzband, Kecskemet Jazz Foundation
Address: Kecskemet-Hetenyegyhaza H-6044, Hullam u. 14.
Mailing address: Kecskemet H-6001, Pf. 652.
Cellular phone: +36(20)960-7169, Tel./Fax: +36(76)472-438
E-mails: tamas at bohemragtime.com, bohem at mail.datanet.hu
Website: http://www.bohemragtime.com/

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