[Dixielandjazz] RE: need help chord changes

Alberto Martino tmartino at terra.com.br
Thu Feb 5 16:44:32 PST 2004

Dear Listmates,

My plea from yesterday remains unanswered; PLEASE!, anyone? 
Tamas? Sheik? 

Here it is again:  

Not exactly OKOM, but I need chord changes for 1920 tune

"Veronika der Lenz ist da" 

to be played as OKOM, with my whole Band, in a birthday party this
Saturday night.  The contractor celebrates his 70th  birthday, and is a
German...; he will probably love hearing this tune, made famous by the
extraordinary vocal sextet "the Comedian Harmonists" just before WWII.

Thank you in advance,

Tito Martino
Sao Paulo Brazil   

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