[Dixielandjazz] DJML Buttons/Badges

Kurt bowermastergroup at qwest.net
Tue Feb 3 09:08:32 PST 2004

Whether you call them buttons or badges  - I can make them.

There was a short discussion on DJML a couple of days ago about coming up
with a DJML 9th anniversary (March 13) button that members could wear
proudly at the next OKOM event they attend.  Or simply a generic "DJML
MEMBER" button.

Listmate Judy Eames suggested that I ask other listmates for button/badge
design suggestions.  The chosen design/wording could then be made into a
limited edition button/badge, and I could take orders for them.

Let me know OFF LIST if you have any button/badge design ideas or would like
to order one.  I figure $2 per badge would cover my costs to make them and
mail them to the proud new owner.

I first made DJML buttons (in very limited quantity) for a Bix Beiderbecke
Festival F2F last year and sent a couple to Bob Ringwald.  If  you'd like
any buttons for your jazz society or band, let me know  OFF LIST and we can
work something out.

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