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Well now, how about Milhaud's "Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit" (one of my favourite
longhair pieces which contains many OKOMish elements). I understand that the
literal translation is something like "The Bull On The Roof" but believe
that it is also a French colloquialism the meaning of which is unknown to

I'll bet that some of you Francophiles can explain.

John Farrell
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> Rob said: Bart Simpson says "Have a cow man", whatever that means, but
> linguistically, it is the same type
> of construction.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the great philosopher Bart Simpson
> said, "DON'T have a cow, man!"  Meaning, "Relax", "Take it easy", "Take a
> chill pill Jill", etc.
> Kurt

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