[Dixielandjazz] Artie Shaw

Harold Smith s3856lpa at webtv.net
Thu Dec 30 18:59:31 PST 2004

Just heard on the radio this eveing that Artie Shaw passed on this
morning in L.A.  He was 94, or so they announced.

There's very little I could say that would reveal how deeply I, and I
believe many of you, feel about this man.  Although he hadn't played
since the 50's, the memories and thrills he gave to us, and the
contribuions he made to jazz and swing are monumental and  will long

His tone, floid style, and his mastery of the instrument--especially in
the altissimo--were unique and inspirational.
His abilities were exceeded only by his cantankerousness.

Well, they come and they go, but Artie Shaw was one in a million.

Harold Smith

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