[Dixielandjazz] A very Rhythmic show today

David Richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Thu Dec 30 19:16:40 PST 2004

Hi all,

For some unknown reason I decided to play only songs that had the word 
Rhythm included in the title on my show today. I had way more than I 
needed for two hours, but this is the playlist of what actually made it 
to the show: (artist, track - recording, album)

Dave Richoux  The Jazz Parade KFJC.org

Cab Calloway 	Mama I Want to Make Rhythm 38  	C C 37-38
Ralph Sutton 	I've Got Rhythm 1969 		Knocked Out Nocturn
Tiny Parham 	Jogo Rhythm 1928 		T P and His Musicians
Mills Brothers 	Rhythm Saved the World 1936 	M B Vol 4
Jabbo Smith Rhythm Aces 	Ace of Rhythms Late 20'S 	J S Vol 2
Sammy Price 4 Quarters 	Blue Rhythm Stomp 1929 	Territories Vol 3
Banu Gibson 	Spreadin Rhythm Around 1986 	S R A
Wilber, Bob 	Crazy Rhythm 		Bean: a Tribute to Coleman Haw
10TH Avenue J B 	Rhythm King 1999 		Y2K Jazz Compliant
Devil Mtn J B 	Rhythm King 1986 		Some Sweet Day
Beiderbecke,Bix 	Rhythm King 		Bix Beiderbecke Story, the
Lou and His Ginger Snaps 	Broadway Rhythm 1929 		Luis Russell
St Louis Stompers 	Get Rhythm in Your Feet 2002  	Stomps and Struts
Mora's Modern Rhythmists	Get Rhythm in Your Feet		Call of the Freaks
Mills Blue Rhythm Band	Savage Rhythm 1931	M B R B 1931
Harlem Footwarmers 	Rockin' in Rhythm	[coll]: Okeh Ellington, the
Willie Lewis Entertainers	Rhythm Is Our Business 1936		W L E
Paul Tremaine Aristocrats	Four Four Rhythm 1929 		Jazz the World Forgot
Louis Prima Orch	It's the Rhythm in Me 1934	Swing Me with Rhythm
Hal Kemp Orch		Blue Rhythm 1926		Georgia Stomp
Blanche Calloway Joy Boys	There's Rhythm in the River 31	     B C J B
Jack Hylton Orch	Black and Blue Rhythm 1933		J H O
Jack Hylton Orch	This Is the Rhythm for Me 34		Jack's Back
Nuclear Whales	Fascinating Rhythm		Whalin'
Dapogny, James	If I Had Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes	Hot Club Stomps: 
Small Band...
Slim & Slam  	Laughin in Rhythm 1938		S & S
4 Blackbirds	Dixie Rhythm 1934		Human Orch
Benny Moten 	Mack's Rhythm 1930		B M 30-32
Goodman, Benny	He Aint Got Rhythm		Volume 3/4
Bunny Berigan	All God's Chilluns Got Rhythm
Louis Armstrong Polynesians	I've Got a Heart Full of Rhytm	L A Vol 7
Hoopii, Sol	Fasination (sp?) Rhythm  	Master of the Hawaiian Guitar VOL2

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