[Dixielandjazz] Selling Dixieland CDs - Where are the people?

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 28 18:59:36 PST 2004

A month ago, or so, we discussed an add in the AARP magazine for Dixieland
CDs. As I recall, some firm was selling a generic CD with a bunch of
familiar tunes on it. The band was not named, but possibly a a mix of bands
and they had taken a 1/6 page ad to promote their Dixieland CD.

Other CD adds also appear regularly in AARP for 40s, music, swing. WW 2
songs, etc on CDs. 

So, at Tom Wiggins' suggestion, he and I checked the rates and circulation.
They are as follows for 1/6 page - one time. Broken down by age group market

Age Group - Circulation - -  Rate.

50 & up     22,000,000      $89,910

60 & up     15,000,000      $61,410

50 - 69     13,800,000      $67,380

70 - up      8,200,000      $37,860

50 - 59      7,000,000      $47,620

60 - 69      6.800,000      $30,360

Now, there are several interesting hypotheses to be drawn here. First of
all, that you can probably sell a BUNCH of CDs from one of these ads. I
figure the ad I saw was in the full run 50 & up age group, costing $89,910.
Otherwise it would not have reached me. (over 70 and living on the East

Secondly, if you check the age groups vs. the ad prices (ad cost per person)
it becomes apparent that the younger folks must be spending more money per
person. IF, the ad cost differences reflect sales potential and they
probably do. Note the bottom two categories. About a 3% difference in
people, from 60/69 to 50/59, BUT more than a 50% difference in ad cost.
(Note also that the 70 & up segment is the cheapest per person ad cost)

Assuming we are trying to attract an audience that spends money, the numbers
ought to tell the CD sellers and jazz festival promoters a whole lot about
who that audience is, no? Looks like the kids UNDER 60, have more money and
offer more potential. That probably carries forward to kids under 50 and
under 40 as well.

Interesting that AARP magazine is mailed to 22 million people over the age
of 50. Even more interesting is that there are about 65,000,000 over 50 here
in the USA. Yet we OKOMers don't seem to be drawing much of a crowd.
Hmmmmmmmmm. Marketing anyone?

Steve Barbone

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