[Dixielandjazz] Tagging the Music was Metal & Jazz - Something in common?

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>Talking about tags or categories, below is PART of what the Dish TV 
>network gives us in the Philadelphia Area for music channels.
>JAZZ: 5 Channels - Standards (ballads);  Swing Bands (includes some
>Dixieland) Classic Jazz (straight ahead & bop);  Smooth Jazz (elevator 
>>music by "G" and others) Contemporary Jazz (Just a little further out 
>from >Smooth)
>ROCK: 17 Channels - Metal;   Left of Center College/Indie Rock;
>Garage Rock; Free Form Rock;  80's Hair Bands;  Classic Alternate Rock;

>>Alt Nation Alternative Rock: Pure Hard Rock;  Classic Hard Rock;  
>World >Class Rock;  Jam Bands;  Deep Cuts Classic Rock; Recent Rock;  
>Early Rock;  >All Elvis;  Christian Rock;  Mellow Rock.
>Then they supply 4 more Rock Channels as 60-70s Rock, 70-80s Rock, 
>80-90s Rock and Today's Rock.
>COUNTRY: 6 channels - Folk;  Bluegrass;  Outlaw Country;  Classic 
>Country; 80-90s Country;
>Today's Country.   

Anyone taken a look at XM Radio lately?  Here's their lineup:

JAZZ:  5 channels - "Real Jazz - From the amazing Jazz pioneers of the
'20s to the young lions making history today."  (I listen to this
channel and have never heard any Dixieland); Watercolors (elevator music
type stuff); Beyond Jazz (fusion, techno and acid jazz); Frank's Place
(Sinatra and friends); and Bluesville (blues).

Rock:  14 channels (not including the "Decades" channels of the 60's
through '90's) ranging from Classic rock to alternative to punk to top

Country:  7 channels.

"Hits":  9 channels of top 40 to generic pop to movie and Broadway

Christian:  believe it or not (pardon the pun) 3 channels.

Urban:  7 channels ranging from R&B to hip hop.

And let's not forget the 7 dance/disco channels, the 3 "world" channels
and yes, they even have 3 (count 'em 3!) Classical channels.

Dixieland as a subset of Jazz, forget about it!  OKOM's not even on the

We have a lot of work to do.

-Rick Onofrey

Now I've got to go practice!	

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