[Dixielandjazz] Tagging the Music was Metal & Jazz - Something incommon?

Robert S. Ringwald robert at ringwald.com
Mon Dec 27 18:19:38 PST 2004

civanj at adelphia.net wrote:

> Talking about tags or categories, below is PART of what the Dish TV 
> network
> gives us in the Philadelphia Area for music channels.


> ROCK: 17 Channels - Metal;   Left of Center College/Indie Rock;
> Underground
> Garage Rock;
> Free Form Rock;  80's Hair Bands;  Classic Alternate Rock;  Alt Nation
> Alternative Rock:
> Pure Hard Rock;  Classic Hard Rock;  World Class Rock;  Jam Bands;  Deep
> Cuts Classic Rock;
> Recent Rock;  Early Rock;  All Elvis;  Christian Rock;  Mellow Rock.
> Then they supply 4 more Rock Channels as 60-70s Rock, 70-80s Rock, 80-90s
> Rock and Today's Rock.

Pardon me, I just puked.

--Bob Ringwald
Placerville, CA USA
Amateur Radio Station K6YBV

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