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Thu Dec 23 17:46:57 PST 2004

 --- Bill Haesler <bhaesler at bigpond.net.au> wrote: 
> Dear friends,
> I had decided to keep out of this thread.
> However, as these pertinent definitions just came in
> from an Aussie mate of
> mine up north in Queensland, I thought it would bee
> a good excuse to pass
> them on and wish 'youse ALL' a Happy Holiday Season.
> We will be at the 59th Australian Jazz Convention in
> Stawell, Victoria,
> Australia from 26th-31st December.
> 'Talk' to you in the New Year.
> Kind regards,
> Bill. 
> Jazz club -n. A place where people pay a lot of
> money not to listen to jazz,
> most of which does not go to the musicians to whom
> they are not listening.
> Jazz festival -n. A place where people pay a lot of
> money not to listen to
> music that is probably not jazz in the first place. 

Sadly true Bill, but we will have fun and enjoy the
great company.

See you in Stawell mate.
Happy Christmas  to Jess and Yourself

Mick Potter
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