[Dixielandjazz] Maybe it's just symantics but.....

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I could not have said it better myself.

--Bob Ringwald
Placerville, CA USA

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> ..... the California Board of Equalization does NOT collect sales/use tax.
> Instead they direct every business owner to collect the tax in their 
> behalf and
> send the money to Sacramento.  We, the business owners, festival 
> organizers,
> et al do their work for them and in return they let us stay in business 
> and
> don't sieze our assets.  If we make a mistake interpretting their rules 
> (which
> are ever changing, unending, and would fill volumes) then it is our fault 
> for
> being so stupid and guess who has to pay for the lack of understanding...
> yep... the business owner who is responsible for collecting their taxes. 
> Unfair -
> yes.... are they tough - you bet...can they be challenged -  no.... . do 
> they
> care - of course not..... just ONE of the many reasons people don't like 
> to
> have a business in CA.  I got "zinged" for $8,000 in taxes/penalties 
> because
> they changed their interpretation of a rule on collection of taxes and 
> didn't
> notify anyone.
> No wonder festivals and other business owners operate in fear of the BoE.
> Just try and figure the logic of making a festival responsible to collect 
> sales
> taxe from "others" who may be selling things while attending/performing at
> your event ?   Go figure that one out.
> Arguing anything with the BoE just makes for richer lawyers.
> Gordon of Northridge
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