[Dixielandjazz] Early Jazz In NYC - Jan 6, 2005

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> (Don't people know that slots offer the worst odds for
> winning? Apparently not!) Greed and stupidity are proving harmful to live
> music out west.

Hi Nancy & All:

Yes, most of them do, or at least by now should, however I would like to 
inject another word here, I just booked one of my Blues Bands, ( six pieces) at 
one of those casinos for $1,800.00 a night for two one hour shows and they get 
to sell all their CDs they want as well.    Three nights at one Casino and Two 
at another 100 miles away.

So sometimes Stupidity in the slot players does indeed create live music 
earnings above average, but ya gotta go look for it and know how to get it when 
you find it.   This is a very tough business as has been stated before and just 
being a good musicians has only about 10% to do with it.

There are many very fine musicians on this list working as computer folks and 
other professions knocking down far more money than they play music for, heck 
I know some who flip burgers and make more money than they do playing music.

Steve's earlier post about Julliard pretty much sums it all up, oh you have a 
masters from Julliard, so what are you working here for?   John q. Public 
does not know diddly about the music business and really does not care, but they 
do know what they see and hear and like and respond if you push the correct 
buttons.   Just being courteous and nice to them usually works very well.   It 
also helps to acknowledge their presence during the performance. :))


Tom Wiggins

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