[Dixielandjazz] Maybe it's just symantics but.....

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Mon Dec 13 21:26:59 PST 2004

..... the California Board of Equalization does NOT collect sales/use tax.  
Instead they direct every business owner to collect the tax in their behalf and 
send the money to Sacramento.  We, the business owners, festival organizers, 
et al do their work for them and in return they let us stay in business and 
don't sieze our assets.  If we make a mistake interpretting their rules (which 
are ever changing, unending, and would fill volumes) then it is our fault for 
being so stupid and guess who has to pay for the lack of understanding... 
yep... the business owner who is responsible for collecting their taxes.  Unfair - 
yes.... are they tough - you bet...can they be challenged -  no.... . do they 
care - of course not..... just ONE of the many reasons people don't like to 
have a business in CA.  I got "zinged" for $8,000 in taxes/penalties because 
they changed their interpretation of a rule on collection of taxes and didn't 
notify anyone.  

No wonder festivals and other business owners operate in fear of the BoE.  
Just try and figure the logic of making a festival responsible to collect sales 
taxe from "others" who may be selling things while attending/performing at 
your event ?   Go figure that one out.

Arguing anything with the BoE just makes for richer lawyers.

Gordon of Northridge

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