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Wed Dec 8 10:47:33 PST 2004

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> One of CB7's songs we don't do is "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New 
> Orleans?" I like it OK, but our tuba player (Tom Downs), can't stand it,

Well, in my band I would speak to him politely in Russian and tell him TOUGH 
SHISKY, and send him to go to the bar to buy us all  Whisky while the rest of 
us played it, :))
Not to mention not sharing the request tips with him, aha but that will 
change his tune quickly I wager.

I shall henceforth Request that song every time I see Cellblock7 in the 
future while waving a $100.00 bill 0ver the Tip Jar, :))  Several times a set too,  
and shall protest loudly in public places if you don't play it. :)))

 and > has, on more than one occasion, threatened me with great, possibly 
> fatal, 
> bodily harm if I call that tune on a gig! Not wanting to cause a bloody mess 
> in front of people, I don't call it!    
> That's why your known over in Cellblock 3 as "WIMPY"  :))   Sick Gunter on 
> him for a bit of Verbal abuse and straighten the kinks out of his tuba tube.   
> Now any Tuba players on the list who want to sit in with Cellblock7 know how 
> to do it, walk up and ask them to play Miss New Orleans and Tom Will hand 
> you his Tuba and say be my guest.  :))

When you play in New Orleans and don't play that tune the audience will send 
you home BLACK & BLUE.  :))


Tom "Who does like it" Wiggins

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