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> This is not a jazz tune< but I played guitar for many years and the sing I 
> came to loath was "Achey Breaky Heart." We played it many times so every body 
> could dance the "Freeze" and all the variations of line dances. 
> Dave in Dallas
> tootn4u at juno.com
> www.mp3.com.au/davewashburn

I'd wager you also played Elvira a few times on the same show eh Dave?

Aha gotta Love them Line Dancin Ladies, for a while there every Trailor Park 
in Amurika had a version of them  New York City ROCKETTES,   Attended a show 
at a Truck Stop and was entertained by a group of twelve of em that weighed in 
at about 300 lbs each, called themselves the Floradorable Sisters.  :))

Not that there's a damned thing wrong with that, it got em off the couch and 
out of in front of the TV for a spell, not to mention the exercise benefits, 
but no doubt it did cut into the thighmaster sales over the telly.  Even 
recently I saw some ladies Line dancing to Dixieland.

Tom Wiggins

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