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> WWW is a song I've come to dislike intensely and I don't care who plays it
> including, especially, myself.  One of the band leaders uses it as a closer
> so we play it every job.  What a drag.  I'm sure that it would score in the
> top five biggest drags to play over and over.  My List:
> 1. WWW
> 2. In the Mood
> 3. Proud Mary
> 4. Celebration
> 5. Misty
Damn you Jerry:   Here we go again with the WWW War, I thought we buried that 
horse six or seven months ago for the fiftieth odd time.

Now you got new guy Larry on it. Ha ha Ha HA.

Larry I thing the last time it came out about a draw for  and against WWW.

I maintain that there is a time and a place for almost Every Song, including 
and I have found situations when it was the best tune we could have played at 
that particular place and time and it got the anticipated results.

On the other hand as commercially employment minded musicians should think, 
the right place and the right time to play any particular song is when the 
audience who is paying them asks for it.

My top five hate list includes:

1. The Wedding March
2.  Girl from Ipanema
3.  In the Mood
4.  Mr. Magic
5.  My Funny Valentine no matter who the chick singer is.

Fortunately I am the band leader and I no longer have to play them.

I have many more but fortunately I have forgotten them. :))

Tom Wiggins

We do Proud Mary with the Brass Band when Zorina London is with us because 
she does a Tina Turner show that is killer, but we sure don't sound wimpy like 
Credence Clearwater originally did it.

We also do Celebration in NO Brass Band style which is always a crowd pleaser 
right after IKO IKO.

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