[Dixielandjazz] Whores and Big Bands OT oldest profession?

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Classically speaking a profession was limited to Teaching, Law, Medicine and
Theology.  Professions deal with people and their lives whereas bricklaying
is not a profession but a trade.  Music also is not a profession but a trade
in the classical sense.  That brings up Whores.  Where do they fit in the
classical sense.  Well they do deal with people and their lives in every bit
an intimate way that for example a Doctor might.  Actually they hit on all
four of the Professions.  After seeing one you may need a doctor.  They
certainly can teach you a thing or two.  Your wife may call upon a lawyer if
you go to see one and  Shouts of OH God! might be occasionally heard.  So I
guess that about sums it up it must be a profession.
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> > >Not at all intended to be disrespectful to the OLDEST Profession in the
> > >World,
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> > Rendering is the oldest profession in the world (according to the bible,
> > other sources may disagree)!
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> Sorry but the Bible is only about 2000 years old   and the World is a lot
> older than that.
> I somehow do not recall that term from the Bible in all my years of
> training, perhaps thou couldst enlighten us a further bit more with
> and verse so that we might thirst for further knowledge upon the subject
> Brother.
> Now mind you just because old Rev. Tom- Bob does not recall it, does not
> that it doest not exist.
> The more mature I get the more  I realize that my forgetterer works much
> easier and often betterer than my rememeberer.  :))
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