[Dixielandjazz] The Palm Court 1200 block Decauter - New Orleans

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 6 19:35:24 PST 2004

Aw Sue, don't take the fun out of it. Did you check out the door girl
carefully? Lots of places to hide the hardware. Besides, the cachet was in
line with tourist expectations.

Why are you walking in the streets. Afraid to walk close to those dark
buildings and side alleys at night? :-) VBG

As Sue's post suggests, if you haven't been to the Palm Court, you haven't
been to New Orleans. About time they got some publicity.


Sue at <Loerchen2 at aol.com> wrote

> Hey Steve, don't give us a bad name!  The girl at the Palm Court door doesn't
> wear a gun, and it's perfectly safe to walk in that area at night alone (even
> for a woman).  The only people who get in trouble are those who wander off
> onto dark streets while wearing Mardi Gras beads.  :-)
> The main problem with walking in the Quarter at night is that you can't see
> the giant potholes in the streets.
> Palm Court is closed Mon. and Tues., and opens for dinner at 7.  Music starts
> at 8 and goes till 11.  Great music, nice people, friendly locals at the bar.
> The Palm Court regulars are the wonderful people that convinced me to move to
> New Orleans, and I haven't regretted a minute of it!
After Steve Barbone wrote
In New Orleans, go to the Palm Cafe in the 1200 block of Decatur
Street,where George Buck and his wife hold court. Authentic Trad Jazz, great
records for sale and George knows as much about the music as anybody alive
today. Plus there is a certain cachet. The doorman usually wears a gun and
you might want to take a cab there at night, and or travel in a group.
It is also a restaurant so go early and have dinner. They serve good food at
a REASONABLE PRICE. Check for hours, I think they are dark Mon & Tue.

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