[Dixielandjazz] Whores and Big Bands OT oldest profession?

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Mon Dec 6 19:18:21 PST 2004

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ricgiorgi at sympatico.ca writes:

> >Not at all intended to be disrespectful to the OLDEST Profession in the 
> >World, 
> Rendering is the oldest profession in the world (according to the bible,
> other sources may disagree)!

Sorry but the Bible is only about 2000 years old   and the World is a lot 
older than that.

I somehow do not recall that term from the Bible in all my years of theology 
training, perhaps thou couldst enlighten us a further bit more with scripture 
and verse so that we might thirst for further knowledge upon the subject Dear 

Now mind you just because old Rev. Tom- Bob does not recall it, does not mean 
that it doest not exist.  

The more mature I get the more  I realize that my forgetterer works much 
easier and often betterer than my rememeberer.  :))

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