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Larry, I was at the FQ Festival last year and there were a lot of 
port-a-potties for the event, at least in the river area where I was, 
reasonably clean and with reasonable wait times. I've got a bladder 
problem (enough of that) so I scouted them. There are also facilities 
in the Mint, of course. I believe that the festival guide/map actually 
included the potty sites, so I've yet to go on Depends.--Charlie Suhor

On Dec 6, 2004, at 11:49 AM, LARRY'S Signs and Large Format Printing 

> Is anything really free?  In my several trips to N'Orleans I found the
> "free" things to be really neat and a lot of fun but as every human 
> knows
> there are calls to nature.  Now the N'Orleans police are really good at
> keeping people from doing it on the street and modesty declares a 
> certain
> decorum if you don't believe it watch Cops.  The choice then becomes 
> how to
> find a place.  The pubs won't let you use the facilities unless you 
> are a
> customer so you get to drop $5 on a drink which takes us back to the
> original problem that brought us into the bar anyway.  It seems to be a
> never ending circle.  There is no free lunch!
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>> I agree with Rebecca -- French Quarter Festival is really the best 
>> chance
> to hear all sorts of local music, and it really is all free.  However, 
> the
> festival relies heavily on sales of merchandise, so please buy 
> t-shirts!
>> Running concurrently with the festival on Friday and Saturday is a New
> Orleans Music Colloquium, which is held at the Old U.s. Mint (and is 
> also
> free).  The theme this year is "New Orleans in the 1920s" and will 
> feature
> papers on the Tango Belt and Lakefront, New Orleans Recordings in the 
> 1920s,
> Blues Singers, Mechanical Instruments, a demonstration of Ragtime and 
> early
> Jazz social dance, and Keith Brunies will talk about his famous family 
> and
> display instruments belonging to George, Merritt, and Henry.  If 
> anyone is
> interested in the complete schedule, please contact me off list.
>> This year, the Nickel a Dance ran all through October AND November, 
>> giving
> us even more great bands to hear.  Too bad they can't have something 
> like
> that all year.
>> Regards,
>> Sue Fischer
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