[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans and the call of nature

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Last year, Jim visited one of the bars to buy a couple of beers AND use the
facilities.  The bartender gave him a card and told him we could use their
facilities for the rest of the day...

Sometimes we sneak into some of the hotels and pretend to be a guest and use
theirs... It plays to plan ahead!  Since the trad jazz bands are spaced all
down Bourbon Street, they are too far away from Jackson Square and the

There are public restrooms in the shopping mall at the Jackson brewery also.

Rebecca Thompson

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> Larry, I was at the FQ Festival last year and there were a lot of
> port-a-potties for the event, at least in the river area where I was,
> reasonably clean and with reasonable wait times. I've got a bladder
> problem (enough of that) so I scouted them. There are also facilities
> in the Mint, of course. I believe that the festival guide/map actually
> included the potty sites, so I've yet to go on Depends.--Charlie Suhor

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