[Dixielandjazz] Whoops

TCASHWIGG at aol.com TCASHWIGG at aol.com
Fri Dec 3 19:45:30 PST 2004

Hi folks I am sorry if I did not get back to defend myself on a post or few 
today, or make more misstatements to stir up the pot and draw out the usual 
lurkers :))

I get so much Spam everyday that my filter works overtime and I accidentally 
hit the delete all button today while on the phone and lost about six or seven 

They had the subject lines hidden so I don't even know what they were about, 
if it was anything important I am sure someone will reply again with an 
inquiry to what I will have no idea what they are talking about. :))

To make matters worse I have encountered a malfunction with my computer which 
will not allow me to access my filing cabinet on this screen name.

Trying to find out how to go online with AOL and retrieve it but so far have 
not been successful.

Sorry bout that, so if I really made somebody out there mad 
excuuuuuuuesssseeee meeeeeee mucho.

Tom Wiggins

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