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What's wrong with liking both? I can't sit still when either are playing - 
either have to be dancing in my chair or on the dance floor. BUT - the 
current definition of Big Band is slightly different from what I like. I 
love the 40's style - Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Harry James, 
the Dorseys, etc.

And like Steve Martin said, "You can't listen to the banjo and be unhappy." 
I say the same for all of Dixieland music.

What I can't stand is the new big band style that is so loud with overblown 
brass similar to Doc Severnsen. I heard a band called Sessions Big Band in 
St. Louis last year at a little bar near Busch Stadium. The band was good 
musically, but they had 5 of everything, used mics, and played in a bar that 
was long and narrow. I felt like the guy in the commercial whose hair is 
blown back by the sound coming from his TV. We couldn't stay for more than 
one set and all had headaches when we emerged from the din.


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> Change in thought here, sorry....
> How many of you were like me, and, as a young person, was introduced to 
> the world of OKOM (loosely defined) by the Big Bands as gererally known 
> (mid-30s to mid-40s, Miller, Dorseys, etc)?  It was literally years (10, 
> maybe 15) before I could hear a dixie band with anything but loathing. 
> Then, the light dawned in the early 90s, and now I can't stand Big Bands!
> Anyone else with a similar story?,
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