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I started out playing small group jazz, dance stuff in St. Louis mostly 3-4
pierce groups.  I played with a big band in the AF.  I was teaching the day
Kennedy got shot and I reached up and put on a Dukes of Dixieland record and
I really didn't care for it much after that.  30 years pass and a Lt. Col
from Washington state decreed that we would have a Dixie band in our unit.
I learned to play banjo (I played some guitar) and put together a group that
just hated it but would do it if they had to.  I found that it was a lot of
fun and it's an art form that's not an easy one but I found that I could do
it and fairly well too.  After a while you get to a point that you've been
there done that.  This is new and exciting to me and a challenge musically.
I have run hot and cold with big bands.  There aren't that many guys here
that can play lead tenor well so I play with several big bands.  I like 6
piece groups pretty well.
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> Change in thought here, sorry....
> How many of you were like me, and, as a young person, was introduced to
the world of OKOM (loosely defined) by the Big Bands as gererally known
(mid-30s to mid-40s, Miller, Dorseys, etc)?  It was literally years (10,
maybe 15) before I could hear a dixie band with anything but loathing.
Then, the light dawned in the early 90s, and now I can't stand Big Bands!
> Anyone else with a similar story?,
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