[Dixielandjazz] CD's that are disintegrating

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Wed Apr 28 11:03:13 PDT 2004

Bob Smith wrote:
Audio engineers at the University Library in Aarhus in Denmark have just
discovered that CD's from the 1980's are beginning to disintegrate. 

Not to worry, Bob.  Who knows what was the actual makeup of those early
disks.  It has been proven that the gold colored CD's, which are much more
expensive than the green or silver colored ones, last up to a 100 yrs.  I
can't remember the chemical name which causes the gold coloring.
Nevertheless, due to cost, few companies still make those.  HHB, in the U.K.
sell theirs which are labeled "For Critical Audio & Data Recording

I forgot to mention in earlier posts concerning CD longevity & quality a
particular concern of mine.....writing to CD in real time.  I get CD's to
work with that have come from faster than real time recorders in computers,
and it is not the same!  Many, many more chances of glitches, and, I
believe, a definite drop in quality.

I use only purpose built, stand-alone, CD recorders/players, and
professional AES/EBU digital connections between my equipment.  And, I still
always make a copy to DAT, for safety.

Bob continued:
I also did a Google search using these keywords: aarhus university library
cd life but for some strange reason the Google reply did not display.

You'll probably find that Google will disintegrate before your CD library!


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