[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jubilee schedule

Dave Bilgray dbilgray at well.com
Sun Apr 25 17:25:45 PDT 2004


It's Sacramento Jubilee planning time.  Once again, I'll be putting the 
schedule on spreadsheets, to make it easier to plan the weekend in 
advance.  If you'd like a copy, follow the directions at the end of this post.

If you thought the Jubilee's money problems might affect the quality of the 
festival, no need to worry.  Most of the cuts are behind the scenes, though 
there will be fewer foreign bands.  There are still more than 40 venues, 
and still over 100 bands.  Plenty of great trad jazz.

I've found the spreadsheet schedules to be very helpful for planning.  I 
get to more of what I want to hear, and I do a lot less zig-zagging 
around.  Several DJML folks tell me it helps them too.

I designed it to be used with the Jubilee's printed program, with its 
listings of special events, band personnel and other info.  The printed 
program doesn't have an overview schedule, because its pages aren't big 
enough.  So I take its schedule text, provided by our listmate Bill Gunter, 
and arrange it like the schedule in the Sacramento Bee.  Unlike the Bee's 
schedule, this one is available in advance.

     Please do NOT post this notice anywhere else.

As with past years, it's very important that this be limited to DJML.  The 
Jubilee people are concerned that widespread distribution of this schedule 
would cut into sales of the printed program.  That's not an issue here, 
since DJML people generally want all the info they can get, and therefore 
usually buy the program.  But they've asked, quite reasonably, that it not 
be available anywhere else.

    So please do NOT re-post this.

You can get the Jubilee program in advance.  Costs a few bucks extra for 
postage and handling, but worth it for the ability to plan.  You can buy it 
on the Jubilee web site, www.sacjazz.com.

Or send $9.50 to
      Sacto Trad Jazz Soc
      2787 Del Monte St.
      West Sacramento, CA 95691

The schedule will be in .xls files, using Excel version 4.0.  That's an old 
Excel version, which is more compatible with other software.  If your 
system can't read Excel data, I'll send the schedule as tab-delimited text, 
which you can feed into a variety of programs.  If you're not sure what 
your system will handle, start with the Excel files.  If they don't work, 
ask for the text version.  Either way, the schedule will be sent as four 
attachments to an email, which will contain simple instructions.

For the spreadsheet schedule, email me at dbilgray at well.com, with subject of
      Sacto Sched - spreadsheet
      Sacto Sched - text

I'll send it out in early May, timed to arrive about the time you get the 
printed program.

Dave Bilgray

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