[Dixielandjazz] Re: Eddie Condon - "Ringside at Condon's"

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Fri Apr 23 10:57:29 PDT 2004

Jazz Jerry has just advised regarding "Ringside at Condon's".
>Well, the 14 tracks from the sessions have now been issued on a
French Chronogical Classics CD number 1354 and coupled with four tracks from
the Columbia session of 24th November 1953 (also available on a Collectables
CD or within a Mosaic set).<
Dear Jerry,
Thank you for that.
On 27 March I emailed Charles Suhor (and the DJML) advising:
>The French 'Chronogical [sic] Classics' series (available from Worlds Records
and DJMLer Jazz Jerry) has just announced the forthcoming 'Eddie Condon
1951-1953' in their excellent series. The titles have not been published yet,
but hopefully will include all the Savoy material.<
My prediction came true.
Note that there are 16 'tunes' involved (counting the 3 within the medley).
Which equals the 14 'tracks' Jerry mentions.
So everything IS on the Classics CD.
Very kind regards,
PS: Something which has always intrigued me.
Is 'Chronogical' the correct French spelling for our 'chronological'.
Or is it an artwork error with the CD cover design, as I have always
We Aussies have enough trouble speaking English without trying to master
French too!
Just kidding.

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