[Dixielandjazz] Eddie Condon - "Ringside at Condon's"

Jazzjerry at aol.com Jazzjerry at aol.com
Thu Apr 22 13:33:32 PDT 2004

If I remember correctly not that long ago questions were raised about the 
availability of the Condon sessions from December 1951 to February 1952 which 
appeared on Savoy LPs MG15029 and MG15030. It was stated that they had been 
available on a Savoy CD (Japanese and somewhat difficult to get I believe - if not 
deleted!). Well, the 14 tracks from the sessions have now been issued on a 
French Chronogical Classics CD number 1354 and coupled with four tracks from the 
Columbia session of 24th November 1953 (also available on a Collectables CD or 
within a Mosaic set)

The CD is now available from me at the very reasonable price of £8.75 (incl 
British VAT) or £7.45 without plus post and packing.

Incidently on the 'Ringside' recordings the applause sounds rather suspect 
unless Condon's held a very large number of patrons! ;-)



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