[Dixielandjazz] Palm Springs: F2F on stage

Jan Nichols hotjazzcornet at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 7 06:17:47 PDT 2004


The Old Town Jazz Band (shameless self-promotion) just finished playing the Festival in Palm Springs, CA.  Nice Festival, nice folks, seven sets.....what a ball.  Now for the important stuff.

I met Dick Broadie through the DJML about 3 years ago.  We have been trying to link up and play together all that time, but without much success.  This time, I had him cornered on his own "home turf" and he couldn't escape!  Dick joined us on two different sets and layed down some very hot clarinet.  It is always a pleasure to play with such a solid professional.  I just hope it doesn't take another 3 years before we jam again.....

Jan Nichols
Old Town Jazz Band
San Jacinto, CA, USA

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