[Dixielandjazz] Ray Noble with Al Bowlly

Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Sun Apr 4 22:41:28 PDT 2004

Hi All

It is a quiet evening in Victoria after a beautiful sunny warm spring 
day spent in the garden turning soil and planting flowers. A pair of 
Bushtits are busy building a nest in a soon to flower, purple lilac 
tree. They build a sock like nest which hangs from a twig, is about 8 
inches long and has an entrance hole at the top about an inch below 
where it is attached to the tree. They are currently using fibre glass 
insulation borrowed from an abandoned batt for their renovations. The 
female disappears into the nest with her treasure and the whole nest 
vibrates and agitates with her industry. I imagine that she is arranging 
furniture. :) I only posted this because there seems to be nothing else 
discussed on the list at the moment. :)

The tune "Who Walks in When I Walk Out" has been a favorite of mine 
since I first heard it on a CD By 'Hot Jam' entitled 'Come and get it'. 
The group has John Banker, Jeff Barnhart, Tom Boates and sometimes list 
mate Scott Black among others. The tune is excellent and the CD is 
excellent and one that I can play any number of times without getting 
tired of hearing it. My personal quality test.

I started looking for other versions of the tune and one that I found 
was by Al Bowlly and Ray Noble. I didn't expect too much from this 
version as I kind of remembered Ray Noble from the fifties as a big band 
  leader and the music behind the Edgar Bergen TV show of that time. I 
think I had him pegged as a 'Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye' type. You 
know, quality music but not a lot of pizzazz. I was really surprised at 
how jazzy and swinging their sound is on this tune. They have many good 
solos and the rhythm sections puts out a good strong steady beat 
throughout. I have not seen them mentioned on the list and wondered if 
there are any fans out there and if so, can you tell us about any other 
recordings they made in a jazz mode?

Len Nielsen
Victoria Canada

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