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Well, Bill you may have caught me here.  I don't think that Fats Waller ever
recorded "Black &  Blue"  and you have affirmed that.  It seems to me that
Fats sang all of his songs with a light, mocking tone.  Franz Jackson never
recorded this tune to my knowledge but we did it together on the job many
times. His approach was  to do it with a slightly brighter tempo and sing it
as kind of a jazz joint humorous tune. Franz did it the way that he
percieved Fats would do it and he seemed to be quite insightful into the
music of Fats Waller.

I think that Louis Armstrong has the hands 'down version' in his Symphony
Hall Concert with Jack Teagarden playing magnificent trombone in the
background.  Louis's vocal is chillingly powerful.

Jim Beebe

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> OK Mister Beebe,
> The Discographal Police here!
> "Open up dat door, 'fore I kick it down!" [finale to "Home Town Skiffle",
Oct 1929. Paramount 12886]
> Regarding your comment: >Fats Waller also did it as a put-on humorous
song.  Franz Jackson does it this way.<
> How do you know that Fats Waller "did it as a put-on humorous song"?
> To my knowledge he never recorded it. Nor is it on any of his surviving
radio transcriptions.
> Or was it a trick question to see if anyone was awake?
> 8>)
> Nor can I find a Franz Jackson recording of it, although my Franz Jackson
files are probably incomplete.
> However, you did not actually say that Franz Jackson had recorded it, only
that he does it that way.
> And you should know from your association and friendship with this great
> (Listmates might like to seek out the Aug 1990 Delmark CD 'Franz Jackson
with Jim Beebe's Chicago Jazz'.)
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.

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