[Dixielandjazz] THE BLUES

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 28 12:34:39 PDT 2003

Just a REMINDER  that the PBS series, THE BLUES, produced by Martin
Scorsese, starts tonight in the USA. It will continue nightly until next
Sunday, has 7 segments, each directed by a different music lover and
each segment is approximately 90 minutes long. If you like, or are
interested in BLUES MUSIC, tune in.

In the Philadelphia area, the start time is 9:00 PM on the Public
Broadcasting Channel 12. Same time in New York City, on PBS Channel 13.

Reviews, probably in your local newspaper today (Sunday) are mixed. For
example, one review here in Philly called the Blues America's only
unique art form. It gives the series high marks, but also pans two
segments. (sound familiar?) It also lauds the series for pointing out
that the Blues still live, albeit out of the mainstream of music, as
contrasted by the Burns Jazz Series which gave current jazz short shrift
and implying that Jazz, as a musical form was dead.

There is also a segment, later in the week, on the use of the blues by
the early British Rockers which shaped that musical genre.

Steve Barbone

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