[Dixielandjazz] Re: Dixielandjazz Digest, Vol 9, Issue 46

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 26 16:17:47 PDT 2003

> Warren Vache Sr. Vachesr at aol.com wrote:

> "Spain,"  written  by
> Isham Jones; Currently available on theDiamond  Cut  CD, "Vintage  Vallee."
> The geat  Isham  Jones  tune,  "Spain,"  with lyrics  by  Gus Kahn,  was
> published  in 1924  as a  tango  and  was a  hit--especially  in  the
> country  it was named  after.  Jones recorded  it  for  Brunswick.

Beautiful tune for Dixieland, Warren, whether as a Tango or a swinger. Used to
play it all the time with Derf Nolde and the various Keystone Five Groups at
the Temperence House in Newtown PA a few years ago before they went bust.

BTW, listmates, Have you read Warren Sr's book about Pee Wee Erwin? If not, buy
it and do so. Also, Warren has a new book coming out soon and is too modest to
mention it on his own. So, I am asking him via this post to tell us about it.

How about it Vache Sr?


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