[Dixielandjazz] Django Reinhardt

Anton Crouch a.crouch at unsw.edu.au
Thu Sep 18 15:38:09 PDT 2003

Hello Hans

Sorry to be a bit slow in responding to your question, but I had to search
a bit to find my copy of Max Abrams' "The book of Django".

The Archive of Folk Music LP catalogue number is given by Abrams as FS 212
(not 213, as you have it) - there is a typo somewhere.

The source material is from Everest "pirates" and some of the titles have
been changed. What follows is the info on the original (78 rpm) issues, in
chronological order, with changed titles in brackets.

17 Feb 1943  Blues clair (Gypsy with a song)
06 Jul 1947  Blues for Barclay (Gypsy swing)
18 Jul 1947  September song
18 Jul 1947  Django's blues (Mano)
25 Aug 1947  Swing guitars
25 Aug 1947  Blues en mineur (Fantasie)
25 Aug 1947  Nuages
29 Aug 1947  Swing 41 (Swing 40)
8/13 Nov 1947  Swing de Paris
8/13 Nov 1947  Manoir de mes reves
8/13 Nov 1947  Melodie au crepescule
8/13 Nov 1947  Folie a Amphion

If you want fuller details (matrix numbers etc), I'll sent it offlist - I
wouldn't want to upset any of discographophobic members.

All the best

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