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>I've recently seen references to an album featuring these two 
>entities, but can't find anything concrete (Google).  Is it an album 
>with one on one side, the other on the other?  Or is Red really 
>playing with the FH5?
Mike and others--
     Intrigued, i did a Google-search ("Firehouse Five"+Nichols) and 
found this item at http://www.sftradjazz.org/firehouse5.html

"A Firehouse Five Plus Two Discography
Sessions, Live: Firehouse Five Plus Two, Red Nichols, Calliope LP 
CAL-3006. Note: The FH5 portion of this LP is taken from their 
appearance on Bobby Troup's "Stars Of Jazz" ABC television broadcast, 
Oct. 22, 1958. Not reissued on CD."

     But, serendipitously enough, i also found a reference to a 
videotape of an early TV show that the FH5+2 and Nichols were both 
on.  The name of the videotape is "Meet the Dixieland Bands, V. 2". 
So i did a search on "Meet the Dixieland Bands" and found the 
following at a wonderful website at 

"The Guide to Jazz in Film Bibliography: K - N
      See SWINGTIME VIDEO.  Nos. 115 and/or 120.
SWINGTIME VIDEO.  No. 115, Meet the Dixieland Bands Vol. 1--The
Jack Teagarden Sextet, the Bobcats.
Copyright Collection
      Swingtime Video, 1985.
      Producer: Wally Heider.
      55 mins., black & white, 1/2" videocassette.        VAA 4747
In 1951, the Jack Teagarden Sextet (Marvin Ash, Ray Bauduc, Heinie
Beau, Don Bonnee, Pud Brown, Ray Leatherwood and Charlie "Little
Tea" Teagarden) play Dixieland standards and "Basin Street Blues,"
"Dark Eyes," "Jack Armstrong Blues," "Lover," "Rockin' Chair" and
"Stars Fell on Alabama."  The Bobcats reunite in 1950, stars of the
original Bob Crosby Orchestra and the Bobcats.  Numbers include:
"Big Noise from Winnetka" (with Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc),
"Complainin'," "Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood" (with Eddie Miller),
"March of the BobCats," "Muskrat Ramble," "Panama," "Savoy Blues"
and "Who's Sorry Now."
SWINGTIME VIDEO.  No. 120, Meet the Dixieland Bands Vol. 2--
Firehouse Five Plus Two, Red Nichols and his Pennies, Pete Daily
and his Chicagoans.
Copyright Collection
      Swingtime Video, 1985.
      Producer: Wally Heider.
      53 mins., black & white, 1/2" videocassette.        VAA 4748
Danny Alguirre, Harper Goff, Ward Kimball, Clarke Mallory, Monte
Mountjoy, Ed Penner and Frank Thomas form the Firehouse Five Plus
Two, performing here in 1951 Dixieland standards and originals,
featuring "Hook and Ladder Blues" and "Red River Valley."  Red
Nichols and his Pennies of 1950 (Rollie Culver, Bobby Hammack, King
Jackson, Rosy McHargue and Joe Rushton), play "American Patrol,"
"Back Room Blues," "Battle Hymn of the Republic," "Entrance of the
Gladiators" and "Three Blind Mice."  Pete Daily (with the
Chicagoans Hugh Allison, Skippy Anderson, Pud Brown, Len Esterdahl,
Bud Hatch and Burt Johnson) play a set featuring "Daily Double,"
"Goat Blues" (with Bud Hatch), "O Tannenbaum," "Over the Waves" and
"Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone" (with Pud Brown). "

     I'm not sure if these videotapes are still available, but i'm 
very interested in exploring more of the Guide to Jazz in Film 

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