[Dixielandjazz] Video of Pete Daily, Red Nichols and Firehouse 5

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Thu Sep 18 01:28:35 PDT 2003

Hi, all

My name is Lois Daily.....I am Pete Daily's last  (and, if I say so myself, 
best wife)...Bob Ringwald sent me an inquiry regarding Wally Heider's  
Swingtime Video of Pete, Red and the 5.....Sadly Wally died right after he brought  
out those videos and I don't know who picked up the rights, but I just recently 
came across an item in the Worlds Records catalog from August offering a DVD 
of what appears to be that exact material.  The item number is #49797, the cost 
is $20....I  have the original VHS and I ordered this but haven't received it 
yet....however from the tunes list I think it has to be the same stuff.   
Incidentally the original source of that stuff is a series called Snader 
Telescriptions.  I think they were made in the 40's.  In case you don't have the 
number for Worlds Records......it is (800) 742-6663.

Hope this helps a bit.  Let me know if it does.


Lois Daily

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