[Dixielandjazz] Cakewalk playback problem

Charlie Hull charlie at easysounds.com
Tue Sep 16 07:01:16 PDT 2003

With Cakewalk and most other sequencing programs you select the notes in all
tracks, starting with the very first midi event, then either:

Slide the set of events to compensate for the Virtual Sound Canvas offset,

Copy the events and paste them into a new midifile at the exact spot you
want them.

Incidentally, 'Sugar Willie' Erickson, a Sacramento piano puncher, creates
the most life-like midifiles of trad tunes that I've run across.  An
excellent OKOM arranger, he's preparing samples to put on line.  He's
finishing up an arrangement for Bill Allred.

Jazz content:  Midi Wind And De Rain In Me Hair

Charlie Hull

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