[Dixielandjazz] Temerance Seven; Jazzjerry?.....

Jazzjerry at aol.com Jazzjerry at aol.com
Sat Sep 13 11:33:46 PDT 2003

Hi Mike,

I will echo Boll's comment from Oz. The recordings of the Temperence Seven 
from the 1960 which were issued by Parlophone with certain tracks reaching the 
top-ten have all be issued on CD on the British "Lake" label. Also some of the 
BBC recordings from the same period have been issued on CD by another company. 
I have not got full details to hand at the moment as I am not in the office 
but I think all the 'best' recordings from their most popular are contained on 
2 'Lake' CDs which I can certainly supply. There is a third one with their 
first recordings also available on Lake.

Incidently the band is still going strong albeit with considerably different 

If you want them I will not be able to send them to you for a couple of weeks 
as first thing Monday morning I will be visiting your fair land for ten days.



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