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> PS. Steve Brodie? Wasn't the guy who jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge many
years ago
> and was ever immortalized as the man for whom the phrase "Taking a Brodie"
> coined for someone who took a dive? Any relation Dick? ;-)

I've heard of this guy.  He was a gambler who bet he could survive the jump
and lived to collect.  It's possible that this story be a myth.  I'm not

I have a brother named Steve who is always being asked to jump off of
bridges.  So far he's resisted the temptation.  Glad I don't have HIS name!

Jumping Steve Brodie is no relative of mine but he may be related to the
aforementioned drummer who was also no relationship to me!  I might add that
I also am not related to Einstein, Freud or Beethoven.     In fact there's
lots of folks out there I'm not related to, unless you want to go back a few
eons or so!  :-)

Adam and Eve...
Dick B

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