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> Dear Bob,
> I can probably help with personnel and dates for the Harry James discs, if
you give me the LP catalogue nos and several
> of the tune titles for each.
> The "Double Dixie" album (with Matty Matlock, Dick Cathcart and Eddie
Miller added to the big band) which should be MGM
> 13173 or (S)4137 was recorded in LA on 20 July 1962.
> Can't find any reference to the "Relaxed Mood" title though.
Thanks, Bill, and you other guys who are interested in James' "Double Dixie"
and "Relaxed Mood."
As I said in my email to Jim Butler, I have a copy of the liner notes off
both LP's which list the tunes and the personnel. The only thing I couldn't
get is the recording dates.

Bill, you solved that for "Double Dixie" -- 1962. I was guessing 1965
because of the video. OK, let's have a look at the age-yellowed liner
notes --

Matlock Gang -- Matlock, Sims, Cathcart, Miller, James, (used James' rhythm
James Gang (Harry, that is) -- Buono, Koyen, McGuire, Turk, TRUMPETS /
Cadena, BONE, McQuary, BASS BONE / Smith, Riggs, Corcoran, Madden, Small,
SAXES / Perciful, Wright, Kelly, Rich, RHYTHM
Liner notes by Stanley Dance          MGM record ident E/ES 4137
James, Corcoran, Sims, Kelly, Perciful, Rich, Scalise
Liner notes by Leonard Feather who gushes over everybody, especially
Corky -- deservedly.
I don't have the record ident on the Xerox
This is a collection of the guys in a very -- um -- relaxed thing much
different than you'd expect -- introspective -- personal -- purple-light
music. All it needs is the quiet tinkle of martini glasses.
I imagine all details and more are in the James Bio TRUMPET BLUES, a book
that should be under every trumpet player's pillow.
Solid, Cats


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