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Quote from "The Song for Me":

PAYTON, Nicholas                    Trumpet
1973, Sep 26: New Orleans
The son of Walter Payton. Nicholas's mother is a classically-trained pianist. 
Talked his father into buying his first trumpet at the age of four and did a 
first paid gig when he was only nine. Played at Jazz Fest before he was ten; 
toured Europe by the time he was twelve. When he was sixteen he played in a 
high school band on trombone because the leader played trumpet and Nicholas had 
to switch. Unfortunately his young arms were not long enough to play it right! 
Studied at the University of New Orleans, and with Ellis Marsalis. Nicholas 
Payton also played with Ed Frank's R&B Band. He played brilliantly at the 1993 
Jazz Fest with the Michael White "Tribute to Jelly Roll Morton" and also 
appeared at Jazz Fest with the International All-Star Jazz Band (plus Maggie Kinson, 
Pete Savory, Ernest Watson, Kid Simmons, Andrew Hall) the same year. Reported 
in 1996 to appear as Oran "Hot Lips Page" in a forthcoming Robert Altman 
movie called Kansas City. Having seen the movie in 1997 my conclusions are that 
whilst the film has many excellent musical sequences and Payton plays superbly, 
the story line is contrived and convoluted and not Altman at his best. A Joe 
Payton was mentioned by Marcel Joly in a 1992 NOM article as playing bass with 
Andrew Hall's Society Jazz Band. I presume he is the same Joe Payton who 
recorded with the Ken Colyer Trust Band at Café Brasil in early 1996. Nicholas 
Payton has been made jazz artist in residence at Loyola University for the year 
2003 and part of his activities has been performing with John Mahoney and the 
Loyola Faculty Jazz Septet.

Brian Wood

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