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I had this problem on my first CD player for my entertainment center I
purchased back in 1986.  For those that can't remember the details from that
long ago, records were still king of the pack, with cassettes trailing
closely behind.  That Christmas I tried to purchase a seasonal CD so that I
could listen to festive music Christmas morning.  But none could be found
anywhere I looked!  I was pretty steamed I recall.  CDs were pretty limited
back then. 

Anyway around 1992 I was finding that the new disks I purchased were not
playable on that machine, but were playable on my walkman style CD player I
had just purchased the year before.  So, I knew it wasn't the disk being
defective.   All of my CDs purchased before that date were playable, so I
knew the player was capable of playing something.  After a few months of
going thru this, I broke down and bought a new CD player for the
entertainment center.

I suspect the recording medium was somehow altered from the original
specification of 1986.  This was a while before the computer CD media
started taking hold.

The model from 1992 would not play computer generated CDs when that finally
came about, but I resolved that issue when I purchased my DVD player last
Christmas, and yet again retired a perfectly working CD player.  So far, I
haven't found anything it can't play, it even plays my mp3s I have archived
from my computer!  Give it 6 more years, I'm sure something else will come
down the pike and change things again.

CD's are partially digital.  A lot of them aren't totally digital, tho.  The
original recording can be either analog or digital, the mixing can be either
analog or digital, but the final CD creation is digital.  I still get a bit
upset when I see a CD that is AAD.  They might as well have cut a record.

On 9/11/03 5:20 PM, "Bob Romans" <cellblk7 at comcast.net> wrote:

> A friend sent this to me...can this happen in this modern day of technology!!
> Is this possible? I thought all CD's were digital!!
> Bob Romans
> About your CDs: 
> Have you ever had someone tell you that your cd's would not play in the cd
> player? 


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