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Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Wed Sep 10 16:12:12 PDT 2003

Not sure about how all this applies on a wider scope. However, school age
children who study music seem to do better in math.  They start off by
reading music and learning theory. So they are working the left side of the
brain. So,  I conclude math is a left side function. However, it could be
that music is the type of subject that "pre-selects" folks who are already
going to be good in math.

[ Aside:  When I taught jr. high orchestra, I had the kids keep a note book
consisting of four bars of rhythm exercises which I wrote out on the board
and graded daily. "One & a two, three e-an-a four". They wrote out the
answers and they got so good at it I could never trip them up, even with
tough advanced rhythms.  They learn fast at that age.  But, I never
attempted to teach improv ].

Also, remember, there are two types of musicians.  Those who are self taught
and those who learn from a teacher.  From my experience teaching in the high
school and a little college, the self taught players don't always play very
well, with a few exceptions. But, those musicians who are self taught are
using right brain from the first note, and the great ones obviously have a
heck of a talent, and might be lousy in math.

On the other hand, Who Cares?

Russ Guarino

Russ Guarino

James Kashishian wrote:

> So, I conclude that the idea that we improv with the right brain and
> read  with the left seems to hold up.
> Russ Guarino
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> Well, now, Russ.  You seem to have come up with a much headier (pun
> intended) subject than the current one on how to spell Whisky.
> I never pay too much attention to those articles in National Geo about
> which side of the brain is creative, etc., but do seem to remember that
> there is a distinct difference between the tasks of each side.  Do they
> coincide with your reading & improvising theory?  It would make sense
> that they do.
> Our pianist is a fantastic improviser, but I suspect he does it on more
> on the analytical sense than the "gut" sense.  He is also excellent in
> maths.  Could he be doing both from the same side of the brain?
>  I'm just the opposite, gutsy with awful maths.  Would that all fit into
> your theory?
> Jim
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