[Dixielandjazz] Right Brain

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Thu Sep 11 00:42:20 PDT 2003

So, I conclude that the idea that we improv with the right brain and
read  with the left seems to hold up.

Russ Guarino


Well, now, Russ.  You seem to have come up with a much headier (pun
intended) subject than the current one on how to spell Whisky.

I never pay too much attention to those articles in National Geo about
which side of the brain is creative, etc., but do seem to remember that
there is a distinct difference between the tasks of each side.  Do they
coincide with your reading & improvising theory?  It would make sense
that they do.  

Our pianist is a fantastic improviser, but I suspect he does it on more
on the analytical sense than the "gut" sense.  He is also excellent in
maths.  Could he be doing both from the same side of the brain?

 I'm just the opposite, gutsy with awful maths.  Would that all fit into
your theory?


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