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> In the UK, I also was surprised to see the eclectic mix of songs on the juke
> boxes or background music.  You'd hear a OKOM tune mixed in with all the
> other pop tunes.
> In the States, you haven't heard that sort of thing for 50 years.
> OKOM has all but disappeared from the radio in the states.  I know it is
> happening in other countries, but behind us.  I don't believe I'd call that
> "culture."

This is indeed closer to what I meant Bob.

Many times on tour I have American musicians who are going abroad for the 
first time and they too are amazed at how the mix of music is played on European 
radio stations in particular.   They are so accustomed to hearing Top forty or 
Twenty driven radio at home that they do not realize the rest of the world is 
not like America at all in many ways.

Last year I was in Russia, and surprised to find that they as a general 
population still do not for the most part know what Jazz is, but they are rapidly 
embracing Disco and Hip Hop and Rap in the ever youthful pursuit of being cool.

That is the context in which I meant some Countries are thirty years behind 
us in accepting our Cultural contribution.

In Turkey for instance, they are starting to promote Blues Festivals and Jazz 
Festivals and even Gospel Music Concerts and tours for the Cultural 
presentation more often.  Most of the Turkish people however have no clue who the 
artists are but go to the concerts to be cool, seen and be seen with what is 
perceived to be hip and what is happening in the world.

As are places like Tunisia, Croatia, and others.

I am delighted to see them do so, because it give additional life to our 
contributions and broadens the audience and appreciation for the music one way or 
another and that is good for all of us.


Tom Wiggins

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