[Dixielandjazz] enjoyed.....

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Thu Sep 11 00:07:57 PDT 2003

Have thoroughly enjoyed the posts generated by Tom's Cultural message
this am.  It beats talking about what key The Saints should be played
in, and gets people honkin'.

Did ya notice there wasn't an ounce of flaming, although people got to
talking about the booze again, which the British would do, as an ounce
is about all they get in what they call a "glass" in the U.K.

Got a good glass of Drambuie served to me the other nite, filled to over
the halfway point, and that was one of those huge curved brandy glasses
that fills your whole hand and then some....with NO ice!  One of those
glasses will last you about the time it takes to finish a decent Cuban
cigar.  That, of course, was in the lovely city of Madrid, after
dinner...which means about midnite!

Jim    :>

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