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> .......although people got to
> talking about the booze again, which the British would do, as an ounce
> is about all they get in what they call a "glass" in the U.K.
> Got a good glass of Drambuie served to me the other nite, filled to over
> the halfway point, and that was one of those huge curved brandy glasses
> that fills your whole hand and then some....

I rarely touch booze so cannot speak with any authority, but suspect the
cost of that amount of Drambuie, if bought at UK pub/retail prices, would
more than pay your booze bill for a week. As with so many other things
we're taxed silly in the UK ~ a contibuting factor to why AOL are moving
their operation out of the UK to Luxembourg and why so many UK haulage
companies now operate from the Continent.
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